The world’s Smallest,

most Affordable AI Bodycamera

A revolution in wearable AI

Next to being the world’s most affordable and smallest body camera, PhoneCam is now leveraging its full potential with the power of AI.

Everyday support

PhoneCam can interpret signs, spoken and written language, making it an ideal travel companion to every destination.

PhoneCam can aid you from mundane to extraordinary

PhoneCam is a versatile tool that can seamlessly integrate into various aspects of your daily routine. With the built-in object and movement recognition features, PhoneCam becomes a valuable asset in enhancing your culinary expertise and facilitating healthier lifestyle choices.

PhoneCam can help you see when you can’t.

PhoneCam uses its wide-angle lens to see a lot of what’s happening around you. It can recognize objects and movements to understand potential dangers, like possible collisions. If there’s a risk, it will give you a warning, helping you stay safe and aware.


You already carry a powerful, connected device in your pocket. No need to add another one.

Most people carry a $800+ computer in their pocket. We can make PhoneCam small, light, and very affordable by leveraging your smartphone’s hardware: CPU to run advanced AI, sensors, GPS for location, antennas for fast connection to the internet (wifi and 4/5G), and peripherals (Bluetooth).


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What is PhoneCam?

PhoneCam is the world’s smallest, most affordable and capable wearable camera. With it’s AI software, it enables a wide range of applications in health, daily life, and B2B.

It can be used as a body-worn safety camera, making body camera’s available to all professionals and consumers who could use more protection. PhoneCam is the first wearable camera system that is affordable and easy to implement. 

The camera can also be used as action, dash, bike and security cam and doorbell.

Is my data secure with PhoneCam?

PhoneCam adheres to the strictest data security. We cannot access your stored videos, and data is stored on locally on US and EU servers.

How does PhoneCam handle my privacy?

PhoneCam does not record without your activation. PhoneCam adheres to the strictest data security. We cannot access your stored videos, and data is stored on locally on US and EU servers.

Why is PhoneCam so affordable? What is the catch?

We optimized the connection with the phone to keep PhoneCam smart, tiny, and low-cost. We will reveal this technology when we start selling PhoneCam.

What if the camera malfunctions or encounters technical problems?

We provide a warranty and customer support to address any technical issues you may encounter. Our devices undergo rigorous testing to minimize such occurrences.

What happens if I don't have a data connection?

As a back-up for this situation, PhoneCam will make a GSM phone call to your emergency contact 🙂

Is PhoneCam waterproof?

PhoneCam has a IP65 protection. Making it withstand heavy rains and dust ingress.

Do I need a subscription to use PhoneCam?

Standard functionality, such as setup an emergency contact and sharing location is free. Group calls. certain AI features and access to the Control Room require a subscription plan. We will publish more about subscriptions later this year.