SLIMDESIGN unveils PhoneCam

SLIMDESIGN | Last updated : Feb 8, 2024

SLIMDESIGN Unveils PhoneCam: The World’s First Miniaturized, Affordable, AI Body Camera

[Amsterdam,November 29th, 2023] — SLIMDESIGN, proudly announces the launch of PhoneCam—the CES Innovation award-winning, miniaturized body camera set to revolutionize the landscape of security and safety.

PhoneCam marks a significant leap forward in safety and accessibility within the realm of body cameras. By blending innovation, compact design, and competitive pricing, SLIMDESIGN has created a breakthrough solution for individuals and businesses seeking accessibility to safety. 

“We aimed to transform the way people perceive and utilize body cameras by introducing a compact, non-threatening alternative to traditional models,” says Wouter Konnings, Design Director at SLIMDESIGN. “PhoneCam’s sleek, weightless frame conceals a powerful, AI-driven body camera”.

The versatility of PhoneCam extends far beyond conventional security applications. Its lightweight, discreet frame opens doors to a multitude of practical uses, catering to a wide spectrum of needs—from safeguarding children in public spaces, ensuring personal protection in everyday life, aiding in elderly care to monitor well-being, to serving as reliable dashcams for vehicles.

Moreover, its non-threatening appearance makes it ideal for everyday use, dispelling the intimidating image often associated with traditional body cameras. PhoneCam’s ease of implementation and non-invasive nature position it as a scalable solution with vast market potential across various industries and consumer segments.

The integration of the PhoneCam app further elevates safety measures, allowing users to activate recording with a simple tap and instantly alert emergency contacts with a double tap—providing an additional layer of security in critical situations.

Committed to prioritizing safety, SLIMDESIGN will unveil the innovative journey of PhoneCam before its official debut at the CES Awards 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, scheduled for January 9th – 12th. This groundbreaking technology promises to redefine safety standards while revolutionizing the security landscape.

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